AIDC EGYPT - MAZEED Produce | fresh fruit exporter in Egypt



Who We Are

Agricultural investment & development company was established in 2009. We are a vertically integrated firm providing a wide range of agricultural business practices; marketing, producing, packaging and distributing just to name a few.

Our top-selling brand MAZEED produce has been gaining traction around the fresh fruit produce market for its quality, freshness and consistency.

Our products are cultivated with care at our farm located in Egypt.

At AIDC, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality with on-time delivery at a competitive price. We are determined in our commitment to developing our services to best serve our customers wide-ranging requirements. As an organization, AIDC strives to engage in long-term relationships, rather than short-term gains and fast profits.

Our farms are managed efficiently to minimize waste and use of natural resources. We invite you to tour our farms to see our products!


Under the MAZEED PRODUCE brand, A.I.D.C offers the best fresh fruit and vegetables in its range, selected with care, according to the season, for their quality and the know-how of their growers, which includes innovative packaging designs, packed for the final consumer. We also provide customized packaging for clients that wish to purchase smaller quantities per package.